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What effective ways are there to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy treatment? by Carrie B
I just started Taxol a few days ago and everything has basically been normal. See a naturopath MD and take supplements I see a naturopathic MD who gives me weekly vitamin C infusions which includes some other supportive nutrients. I also do my ...
Is Letrozole better than Tamoxifen? by chemoangel
It really depends on the person. As always, there are a multitude of side effects that may occur with Letrozole. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away: Hot flashes Night sweats Nausea Vomiting Loss of ...

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Please welcome www.MyDogAdvisor.Com, our youngest sister site, dedicated to dogs.If you have dog related questions or can help others by answering others' questions, please do not hesitate ...
by admin - 1 day ago
Okay i had my.since.i was.18 and.im 22 now, when i was 19 the doctor check it and they stick a neddle to.see if.they can.suck the fluid and it.didnt pull any fluid out of.it so they try ...
by Mason - 2 hours ago
Please talk to a trusted adult, teacher, counselor or call a suicide hotline. You are ONLY 12, you have your entire life ahead of you.
by chemoangel - 8 hours ago
I read a puberty book and because there is liquid coming out of your nipple you need to check that out with your mom because that might be a Sign of infection
by A Person - 8 hours ago
how long will it take till oyu get your pirioud after luprol injection?
by Guest - 9 hours ago
Your going through puberty as long as you don't touch it so much or rub it it will get better it does this because your breasts or ***** are getting bigger don't worry went through the same ...
by helpful gestures - 9 hours ago
HEY! I have been trying to cut myself and i need help can someone with experience reply
by helpful gestures - 9 hours ago
My vitamin D level is 24.1. Seeing my dr tomorrow but would like some input. I'm having several problems that this could be the cause of. Ibe always been thin, I work out a lot and eat ...
by Guest - 11 hours ago
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