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Is Letrozole better than Tamoxifen? by chemoangel
It really depends on the person. As always, there are a multitude of side effects that may occur with Letrozole. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away: Hot flashes Night sweats Nausea Vomiting Loss of ...
What will happen if I stop taking Tamoxifen? by Carrie B
For many patients, Tamoxifen has been a miserable waste of their time and life. I'm stage IV and have talked with a multitude of others with stage IV. It's amazing how many of them took Tamoxifen after their first diagnosis and then went on their ...
Telangiectasia by Carrie B

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I have chronic kidney disease. I'm 48 yrs. old. Have had an ostomy since 4 yrs. old. My last labs 11-14-2014 showed my vit. d 25-ohd3 was34, my vit. d 25-oh d2was 6. My creatinine was 2.04. ...
by Guest - 4 hours ago
I have the same thing: a knot in the middle of upper chest right above breasts. I was seen in the emergency room for a urinary tract infection...while there I showed the lump to the doctor ...
by April17 - 1 day ago
hi i caught my port cath in the vien in neck last night, its a bit red around the scar and bit sensitive, no pain though, shall i get it checked out?
by Guest - 2 days ago
Sounds like you are talking about your Montgomery glands, very common, very normal and nothing to worry about.
by chemoangel - 2 days ago
Thanks a lot I was worried so searched it up but thank god it's nothing bad!
by eschreef - 2 days ago
After having chemo for colon cancer, my friend is now having horrific pain in his feet and hand. He has been prescribed every narcotic drug imagineable by pain doctors. My question to ...
by Guest - 3 days ago
Shut the hell up! he can tell who ever he wants.
by k.jguitfi;go'hixfk - 3 days ago
Second time around with breast cancer. This time I agreed to a port. The dang big thing is right where my bra strap would be. Almost two weeks and still hurts. I'v seen a lot of ports, th ...
by Grace - 4 days ago
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