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Tamoxifen; not the only "solution" for breast cancer by Carrie B
There are other choices but, in America, they are not presented by the strictly standard of care physicians. I'm as high as it gets for having an estrogen and progesterone positive BC, but I will not do any more conventional hormone therapy. Seriously, my ER rating is off the charts according to my oncologist. Natural Hormone Balancing Doctors are trained by drug companies which does not ...

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will i need surgery if its a cyst...and whats a boil? thank you:cheer:
by PAINFUL - 1 hour ago
Yeah...I totally understand. Mine have returned again, despite the Apple Cider Vinegar. But then again, I have not been consistent drinking it lately. Apple Cider Vinegar has so many ...
by Carrie B - 10 hours ago
Keep us updated. I'm not sure what all that means. Keep in mind that second opinions can be life saving :)
by Carrie B - 11 hours ago
Totally breast development. Speak to your Mom she can put your mind at ease in minutes.
by chemoangel - 22 hours ago
Does manual massage move the fluid?
by Myldy - 1 day ago
What did she die of? I had a scan 3 weeks ago with burning ever since and numbness. ... like nerve damage and worse. Nothing was injected. My stools have been loose since to. It was a ...
by Scottish mum - 2 days ago
Thanks, Carrie!
by Barbara1 - 2 days ago
Your D levels seem a little low. Check the links below for more info about vitamin D.
by Carrie B - 2 days ago
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