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I had blood work done and B/C was flagged as high, what does this mean? by carolyn97222
BUN stands for blood urea nitrogen. Creatinine is a natural product of muscle breakdown that occurs at a low level in the body. Both BUN and creatinine are filtered by the kidney and excreted in urine. For this reason, BUN and creatinine are used ...
What are the correct vitamin D levels? by carolyn97222
D-3 is the one you pay attention to, not D-2. The correct test is 25(OH)D, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin OPTIMAL - 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Values 50-70 ng/ml or 115-128 nmol/l NORMAL - 25-Hydroxyvitamin D lab Values 20-56 ng/ml 50-140 nmol/l ...

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by admin - 1 day ago
I'm a 27 yr old female. Slightly overweight. It started out I think last summer when I noticed swelling/a small lump between my neck and right shoulder as well as swelling/lump on the ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago
I've had neck and throats cancer surgery, surgeon said he got all cancer, but is recommending radiation, how long do I wait
by Ann - 10 hours ago
My MCHC test result is 220 g/dl. It is very high compared to the upper threshold of 36. What does the result mean? Please help.
by Guest - 14 hours ago
I consider u to get a mammongragh done to make sure my wife going through the same pains and nothing has helped her she doesn't know who else to turn to.not even shots worked.
by Angel - 16 hours ago
No your going through puberty your cheast is forming..do not worried your fine
by Carlos! - 1 day ago
If it hurts I would do see your MD....and typically they say you are usually ok if it doesn't hurt...but I am not a doctor.....do you lean on it like at work....against your desk?
by Deidre - 1 day ago

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