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Low vitamin D levels by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Kacer. A decent range is 45-55 for vitamin D, unless you have cancer then should be more in the 80 range. For supplements, I recommend Puritan's Pride Vitamin D 10,000IU supplements. Vitamin D deficiency My vitamin D level was at 12, which is very low. A vitamin D level of 25 is already considered to be critically deficient, and anything under 32 is dangerous... ...

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let me know what she is looking for and I will see what I can do to make this possible.
by shira savvy - 2 hours ago
Charlotte, you could schedule a follow up with your doctor just to make sure.
by Carrie B - 2 hours ago
If you have a dimple then you should be checked immediately. Don't delay. I had a dimple too. My cancer was treated in time, with Chemo, Radiation and Hormone Theraphy (not Hormone ...
by Sharon - 2 hours ago
I have only been on tamoxifen for 3 months and for the past 2 days I have.cried solidly. I don't know.what to do. I want to stop taking them and feel that I'd rather have quality of life ...
by Anna - 3 hours ago
where doo I donate my hair iam male 65 years wit fine wavy hair that needs a trim
by Guest - 9 hours ago
You should discuss it with your Oncologist and ask him if it is anything to be concerned about.
by chemoangel - 19 hours ago
I too have calcifications...I must have gone for at least 8 re-takes every time I had a mammogram. They just want to be extra sure that what they are seeing is calcifications. I was ...
by chemoangel - 19 hours ago
Rumi, Pain in the breast is not always associated with breast cancer. I don't recall have pain when first diagnosed. I have pain now as the breast heals. It could be something fairly ...
by Carrie B - 1 day ago
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