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Low vitamin D levels by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Kacer. A decent range is 45-55 for vitamin D, unless you have cancer then should be more in the 80 range. For supplements, I recommend Puritan's Pride Vitamin D 10,000IU supplements. Vitamin D deficiency My vitamin D level was at 12, which is very low. A vitamin D level of 25 is already considered to be critically deficient, and anything under 32 is dangerous... ...

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We have recently received a DMCA notice for one of our sites to take down content posted by users. As a result, we have decided to remind everyone that vio
by admin - 6 hours ago
I've had my port in for months and have pain all around it, ive completed my chemo and had radiation at the same time it's on my left side above my breast if I use my left hand I feel it ...
by Devonn - 38 minutes ago
I did some research and this is what I found out. Answers -Ann Berger This is not an uncommon problem. It's a common phenomenon in at least 25 percent of women—post-lumpectomy pain. ...
by Tina - 56 minutes ago
I had lumpectomy and lymph removal 2 Weeks ago. I have the same pain under my Arm. It is unbearable at times. Also feels like my Nipple is in a vice. Please update us and Let us know ...
by Tina - 1 hour ago
I just went through doing 3 different kinds of chemo for breast cancer and my two thumbnails and some of my toe nails are very dark in the area where the nail grows out past your skin and ...
by brandy - 3 hours ago
Hello I notice you were interested in buying a flexitouch system . I am also selling mines but for 1500 but brand new never been used if you're still interested
by Tony - 3 hours ago
hi i have a bud on my areola that looks like its become imflammed, its painful to touch and the bud itself has been a real problem for a while is there any creams or something i can put on ...
by NEED ASSISTANCE - 7 hours ago
Do people still use the Flexitouch Systems ? I have a brand new one for 1200 OBO
by Tony - 9 hours ago
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