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I had blood work done and B/C was flagged as high, what does this mean? by carolyn97222
BUN stands for blood urea nitrogen. Creatinine is a natural product of muscle breakdown that occurs at a low level in the body. Both BUN and creatinine are filtered by the kidney and excreted in urine. For this reason, BUN and creatinine are used ...
What are the correct vitamin D levels? by carolyn97222
D-3 is the one you pay attention to, not D-2. The correct test is 25(OH)D, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin OPTIMAL - 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Values 50-70 ng/ml or 115-128 nmol/l NORMAL - 25-Hydroxyvitamin D lab Values 20-56 ng/ml 50-140 nmol/l ...

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I can feel a small lumps on breast on th bra line and it moves around a bit and whenever touched i can feel a pain coming from it,and i dont wear underwire bras, i just wear them ...
by CielJuvien - 12 hours ago
I have a barely used Flexitouch machine (Model-PD32-U) for sale. it contains: Arm-right-long Trunk-Universal Chest -size 3-right Waist extender right only used 4 times-I started going for ...
by debi243 - 1 day ago
Dear Lori, What you have said about your anxiety has totally resonated with me. I also feel that situations that I was once able to manage now make me feel paranoid and anxious. My mind ...
by Misssanjay - 1 day ago
Right breast pain not daily but occasionally and it follows with back shoulder(downward)burning and pain what is the reason for it?
by Guest - 1 day ago
I have invastive carcinoma with musinous features. Pl explain ?
by Guest - 1 day ago
Hi , my name is lynn just looked up and found this i have the same thing had it for years and told fatty tissue ,well since friday i cannot stand the pain am vomiting in the middle of the ...
by lynn - 2 days ago
Sorry my first comment was for Hodgy,the one that says Cindy
by Hodgy - 3 days ago

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