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Tamoxifen; not the only "solution" for breast cancer by Carrie B
There are other choices but, in America, they are not presented by the strictly standard of care physicians. I'm as high as it gets for having an estrogen and progesterone positive BC, but I will not do any more conventional hormone therapy. Seriously, my ER rating is off the charts according to my oncologist. Natural Hormone Balancing Doctors are trained by drug companies which does not ...

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Sounds like a typical muscle spasm.
by chemoangel - 7 hours ago
If it started after your fighting class it is nothing more than bruises. Not even remotely connected to cancer at all. Talk to your Mom. You have nothing to worry about.
by chemoangel - 14 hours ago
It could be, You don't mention how old you are which is important when discussing breast cancer, so as you are young, yes. It is simply puberty related or you may have a cyst that needs ...
by chemoangel - 14 hours ago
I have been on Arimidex for 2 1/2 years. First was Tamoxifen, just about lost the sight in my right eye. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. The surgeon said I had a 5% chance of it ...
by Mary Buckley - 1 day ago
I am having chemo probably end of august for breast cancer, however radiation to follow. Question is, daughter is pregnant and due 11.2 and I want to be with her after the baby is born for ...
by Guest - 1 day ago
No, it's Just a Bruise. Believe You Me, you will know if it was broken. See your doctor for a quick x-ray. No biggie.
by chemoangel - 1 day ago
I recently went to the gyn, due to itchy left breast, swollen, and under arm pain. Dr felt a pebble size something in left breast on exam. Sent me for an MRI, it came back normal. Should ...
by Sherri - 1 day ago
I have bone mets in my hips so I always have discomfort. I did have more pain there when on Tamox though. I have no idea what coccy is. My oncologist acted surprised about all my side ...
by Carrie B - 1 day ago
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