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Feeling Free! After Stopping Tamoxifen by Sunryz
Feeling Free
It has been one year...since I stopped taking Tamoxifen! How do I feel? Great! I have written several blogs on this website to give a "Chin Up" approach to taking Tamoxifen for breast cancer. This blog is ...
How much hair do you lose during chemo and how long does it take to grow back? by carolyn97222
What happens to your hair during and after chemo? Your hair:This depends on a lot of things: type of chemo given, your age, health, etc. Some chemo drugs do NOT cause hair loss. I tried to keep my hair as long as possible and did the ...

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Thank you for sharing. Many of your issues I am facing. Trying to decide whether to stop taking tamoxifen and feel good again or keep on it. Only been on it for a few months. Feel sick ...
by Sherri - 1 day ago
hello ma'am. how are you? i just want you to know the result regarding my mom's surgery. the doctor removed already the left breast of my mom and the result of the biopsy is FINAL ...
by marleen - 1 day ago
decreased appetite to start, but then my appetite went back to normal. None of the rest, although I do have an incurable skin disease that does give me flu like symptoms....I guess I never ...
by chemoangel - 1 day ago
Well for me the got blood on the seventh try!!
by Mb - 1 day ago
What were your tests & can you explain what that is ?
by Jill - 1 day ago
Sounds exactly like a cyst. Have you tried hot compresses of salt water on it? A little neosporin perhaps? If it doesn't go away in a week, have your doctor look at it. The easiest thing he ...
by chemoangel - 2 days ago
I had memory issues amd many other severe issues. Issues that I have not gotten any better. I was on the drug for only three years. I got off of it on my own. My cancer was only a 6mil ...
by Bernadine - 2 days ago

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