Fluid accumulation post lumpectomy. Radiation delayed!

I am now 8 wks post lumpectomy and am just now seeing a radiation Oncologist beause fluid accumulation has been constant with aspiration 2 times. I am concerned over this lapse of time!

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Posted on Breast Cancer
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5 years ago #2
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I think the wait is OK. I had to wait 8 wks without there being a problem.

You had a lumpectomy so the tumor must have been small so you had a much less chance of your cancer spreading anyway.

Do they know why the fluid is building up?

I suggest you relax and take some deep breaths.

Keep us posted on your results.


3 months ago #3

Don't think I can help u much...but I will try...I'm the same u see...still got fluid after 3 months �.,.but they see fit to start my radiation...I suppose it depends which hospitals �

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