Turmeric Slows Spread of Breast Cancer

Are you interested in beating cancer with nutrition?

Mainstream medical practices for cancer treatment have been shown to be both dangerous and ineffective, lending further merit to the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. While medical professionals are being educated in the field of medicinal treatment revolving around pharmaceuticals, many foods are repeatedly being recognized as powerful cancer-fighters and overall health-enhancers. Who would have thought that nutrition and eating habits could help to maintain your health?

Showcasing just one of the countless ways you can begin beating cancer with nutrition, research has shown that turmeric can slow down the spread of breast cancer. Studies out of the University of California, San Diego, published in the British Journal, NATURE, have previously discovered a molecule known as RANKL. This molecule is found in aggressive breast cancer cells, which predict more life threatening disease. Aggressive cancer cells predict that the breast cancer will spread throughout the body, putting the body in a state of metatasis. Breast cancer patients often pass after cancer has metastasized to other body parts, ruining the functioning of vital organs such as the liver, lungs or brain. Interestingly enough, cancer drugs have been shown to ‘metasize’ tumors in some research.

The findings suggest that if RANKL molecules were blocked, then early stages of breast cancer could be prevented, while advanced progression of the disease and metastasis could be halted. Curcumin has been found to possess properties that reduce the expression of these deadly molecules within cancer cells, and can potentially slow the spread of breast cancer.

Of course this isn’t the only time turmeric and curcumin have been shown to battle and prevent cancer. Researchers at UCLA found that curcumin — a natural phenol and primary compound of turmeric — exhibits cancer-blocking properties powerful enough to block cancer growth. In addition, curcumin has previously been found to reduce tumors by 81% in more than 9 studies, which also gives credence to the natural anti-cancer health benefits of turmeric and curcumin intake.

While many foods are powerful health enhancers, curcumin alone is known to positively impact over 560 diseases according to peer-reviewed research. Beating cancer with nutrition means to acquire the knowledge of how the foods people eat every day can be utilized to treat or prevent illness and disease. While the advancements humanity has made throughout history are great, mainstream medicine has been going down a dark road. It is time to shift from a pharmaceutical-dependent state to nutrition-based prevention and treatment.

Interested in more, or not convinced that cancer can be beaten with natural foods? Take a look at these 4 cancer-fighting foods that have been shown to be powerful enemies of both deadly cancer and the profiting cancer industry.


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Natural Therapy: Turmeric

I have been doing a lot of research recently on turmeric and breast cancer. I started out with juicing the rhizome and taking the best I can afford for supplements. Because of it's poor absorption, I don't think this is enough. Plus,the research I have been reading states that a person would have to consume a lot and increase the absorption rate. I believe it was Dr. Mercola's website where I found information on how to make turmeric work for someone looking to increase it's effectiveness for cancer prevention and treatment. One can go to his website and find this information. What I have started doing after reading Dr. Mercola's advice was to boil about 10 oz of water, add a tablespoon of organic turmeric and allow to boil about 10 minutes. I sprinkle a little organic pepper (it increases absorption) and add a bit of cinnamon for taste. I then put it in a coffee mug that I don't mind staining and add organic coconut milk to fill what was evaporated during boiling which is about a quarter cup (I use Native Forest from a can; it's thick and creamy and really makes it taste awesome). I add a little raw honey too. To my amazement it is absolutely delicious. Dr. Mercola suggests drinking this three times a day. I just started this regiment and will report back about any results. If anything, I found a new healthy habit that pleases my taste buds.

I read research that discussed how turmeric has proven to work well as an adjunct to chemo. I'm thinking that may be true, but also they can get their work publicized and accepted only if they are including big Pharma and will get ridiculed if it's solely about a natural, non-toxic therapy done alone. Whatever the deal, I will be starting Xeloda in a few weeks...we shall see

3 years ago #3

Turmeric is an essential spice in Indian kitchen, and is supposed to heal several diseases.

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