How Much Hair Do You Lose During Chemo And How Long Does It Take To Grow Back?


What happens to your hair during and after chemo?

Your hair:This depends on a lot of things: type of chemo given, your age, health, etc. Some chemo drugs do NOT cause hair loss.

I tried to keep my hair as long as possible and did the following:

1. Pat your hair dry - do NOT rub it, and

2. Wear a hair net at night

I lost all of my hair and on my body. I was more terrified of this than the mastectomy.

Check out my story:

The Story of my Hair

It grows back at different rates - mine took 3 months to start growing back.

When it grew back, it came in terrible. Different color, frizzy, etc. Because it remained so frizzy, I have opted out to still wear a wig even after all these years.

There are some beautiful, inexpensive wigs available at this site:

Wigs for cancer and chemotherapy patients

Can you keep working while you have chemo?

Working: A lot of women are able to work throughout the chemo and some do not.

It is important that you eat a lot of fruit and veggies!

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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