Some Tips That Sure Helps During Chemo


Breast cancer survivor diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma HER2 - Positive, still get Herceptin injection every three weeks for the term of one year. It hasn’t been easy, but I have always been positive and have faith that everything will be okay. It is a learning process that I had to go through. These are a few things I did during my chemo therapy.

1. To help get rid of the toxins from my body, I put for every gallon of water two big spoons of marine salt, very inexpensive. I filled a bath-tub and filled it with warm water and marine salt as indicated above. I sat in the water for 25 minutes. I did this in the morning everyday and sometimes in the afternoon, it helped me sleep better. It is excellent.

2. My diet consisted of vegetables, fruits, chicken, eggs, yogurt, soup, sometimes pasta and I completely avoided sugar, alcohol, sweets, milk. The type of cheese I ate was paisa, mozzarella and provolone. One of the best fruits to eat is watermelon especially after treatment and the following days. I still eat healthy but i have added some life back into my food such as pizza lasagna and some other delicious foods.

3. I did some light hiking and swimming early in the mornings or late in the afternoon.

4. Whenever I drank water, I put some drop of lemons and sometimes ginger also in it, still do.

5. I also cooked with ginger and turmeric, and still do.

6. I used for my skin a cream called cetomacrogolzalf fna, i believe there must be some similar product in the States.

7. I do not smoke, very important.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • viveca: Beautiful picture for my blog, thanks Vale.
  • Vale: Thank you for sharing your advice with us!

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