Tamoxifen and swollen lymph nodes in neck

So far my tamoxifen use seems to be relatively fine without much for noticeable side effects, other than the occasional hot flash. However, I have had a swollen lymph node issue in my neck that seems to become elevated around the time of my cycle. I have been to my family practitioner twice now and have done 2 rounds of cephalexin and nothing has changed. At first I thought it was a coincidence with my cycle, but this is now the 5-6 month and the relationship is no longer questionable. I can’t seem to find any research correlating tomoxifen and infected lymph glands, but this all started at the time I began the drug. Have you heard of this happening to any others?
I emailed my breast health physician and she hasn't heard of this happening, but nothing is 100%. She suggests I go off tomixifen for 4 weeks to see if they go down. I am worried about losing the benefits of the tamoxifen that have built up these past 7 months.

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5 years ago #2
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I have not heard of that before; I couldn't find anything on the internet either.

You should call your pharmacist and ask them.

Keep me posted. 😊

1 month ago #3

This just happened to me also. Woke up this morning with a swollen lymph node and my neck is very stiff.

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